Start something, go ahead…

If we don’t start thinking positively, there’s no reason for anyone else to. Create the change, start the way of thinking within yourself and eventually it’s going to creep into the rest of the world….

Start by embracing the unknown.

I’m done for now. thank you.

One Response to “Start something, go ahead…”

  1. If one tenth of the entirety of the collective energies of all people in the world were to be focused into one-single-moment of a positive re-creation of the self, there would be such an attractive thunderous shift in being that would take place that it would unalterably effect others in the same way as the bee is attracted to a sunflower for its pollen! This is one of the things that causes mainstream spiritual practices to be either adored with a passion or rejected out of some sense of a repulsion. Either someone realizes what is available to them and thy align themselves with it or they blind themselves to its very being through a powerful self-denial until something hits them square in the face.


    Oh, and very well put Heyoka!

    As Always,


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