Political shenanigans and a city full of red faces

I very rarely say anything about politics, and I guess in reality this isn’t about politics either. More about the idea of the cult of personality and how it can warp and affect the general public, or more specifically, the LCD (lowest common denominator…)

It would seem it’s time for Toronto to dance the “Embarrassment Boogie” yet again.
It’s not enough that we had to deal with Mel’s antics years ago, now this. You know the only reason anyone’s going to listen to the guy in the silly clothing from the hockey broadcast is because he’s all-pervasive. And because of that he’s at the point, for some people, definitely NOT me, of being an (ugh) icon and a “representative” of the real people.

Here’s a newsflash…
Not ALL Canadians
(a) drink beer
(b) watch hockey
(c) have a fondness for Rush, Gordon Lightfoot, Mr. Dressup or Timmy’s, or
(d) love and venerate the CBC.
I don’t care for snow and cold, or the way Mr. Obnoxiously-Loud-Mouth & Suit guy dresses for that fact, so why,
I ask anyone, would I want THAT to represent me, the city I live in or for that fact the whole freakin’ country I’m from?
Can you say embarrassment?
If not, just say Don… or perhaps Rob.
Only time will tell.


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