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The rising cost of… well, everything.

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Unfortunately, like most everything else in life, prices go up.
We never really understand why, considering nothing seems any different than before, however I guess not seeing what it takes to maintain a business or service gets us all a little upset about the rising price of, well, everything.

As I was once told, you can’t get an apartment in Sarasota for $60 a month anymore…

Reiki is a sin, Brodheadsville pastor warns |

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Reiki is a sin, Brodheadsville pastor warns |

I’m at a loss for words (believe it or not…), however, I will venture to say that it’s unfortunate that some people are capable of fostering such ideas.
That seemingly all-pervasive website known as facebook brings many together, all with their own perceptions of any given situation. One friend (someone I’ve actually encountered in the flesh, therefore I know he’s for real) had only this to say in response to the pastor’s attempt to explain why Reiki is “bad”…
“It’s amazing that our work is evil, but if we prefaced it with the name “Jesus” we would be miracle workers!”

Seriously, all I can do is shake my head and wonder when people will wake to their and our own capabilities.

Is THIS how children behave?

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This post is in reference to a news story that I’ve been seeing on the BBC over the last few hours.
The title of the piece is :

Israel’s War On Jerusalem Children By Jonathan Cook
you can find it here….

A snippet to get things started… “Israeli police have been criticised over their treatment of hundreds of Palestinian children, some as young as seven, arrested and interrogated on suspicion of stone-throwing in East Jerusalem.”

The gist of the story is that the kids in the region (there doesn’t seem to be an age limit here, young ones, pre- and early teenagers) have been getting detained and held, with varying degrees of “interrogation”, by the local authorities.
The outcry seems to be that considering they are children, they are somehow exempt from the rules and therefor should be allowed to carry on the way their parents and older siblings may do, as in when the police or military or anyone they aren’t familiar with shows up in the neighbourhood, they are fair game to be assaulted with rocks.
Is there actually anyplace that this is acceptable? Uh, I don’t think so….

One has to think that there is a definite lack of common sense amongst the so-called adults and parents of the children involved here. The actual newscast of this story holds a lot more water than the words. The fact is, nobody, child, adult, whatever age, has the right to openly and commonly assault another person, be it in their vehicle or on foot, with rocks or any other manner of projectile. The truth is that the children in this area of the world are taught that this is common and accepted behaviour. Just because someone is different than you, just because they go to a different church or drive a car with a different licence plate, is apparently reason enough to endanger and often threaten the lives of others.

As much as it “may” be wrong to arrest/detain a child, the truth is, if you don’t want to pay the price, don’t do the crime.
It’s literally that simple. And one’s surroundings, upbringing, social situation…. none of those things matter.

The truth is, what’s wrong is wrong. And threatening ANY other person’s life is wrong, no matter where you’re from or what age you are.  Maybe the grown-ups of the region need a lesson or two in how to raise their children.  As the father of Amran Mansour says in the news story, “It’s a game to them, they don’t know any better…”.

Perhaps Mr. Mansour you should teach your child a little better, or for that fact, perhaps the majority of the parents that seem to accept this behaviour should be given a few lessons in parental behaviour.

Political shenanigans and a city full of red faces

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I very rarely say anything about politics, and I guess in reality this isn’t about politics either. More about the idea of the cult of personality and how it can warp and affect the general public, or more specifically, the LCD (lowest common denominator…)

It would seem it’s time for Toronto to dance the “Embarrassment Boogie” yet again.
It’s not enough that we had to deal with Mel’s antics years ago, now this. You know the only reason anyone’s going to listen to the guy in the silly clothing from the hockey broadcast is because he’s all-pervasive. And because of that he’s at the point, for some people, definitely NOT me, of being an (ugh) icon and a “representative” of the real people.

Here’s a newsflash…
Not ALL Canadians
(a) drink beer
(b) watch hockey
(c) have a fondness for Rush, Gordon Lightfoot, Mr. Dressup or Timmy’s, or
(d) love and venerate the CBC.
I don’t care for snow and cold, or the way Mr. Obnoxiously-Loud-Mouth & Suit guy dresses for that fact, so why,
I ask anyone, would I want THAT to represent me, the city I live in or for that fact the whole freakin’ country I’m from?
Can you say embarrassment?
If not, just say Don… or perhaps Rob.
Only time will tell.

Time to introduce myself to the blogging world.

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Greetings one and all.

Some of you will know me as a Reiki teacher and Master in Toronto and from my website at, some will know me from my musical endeavours. Whichever that may be, welcome to my new flow of internet accessibility. I’m looking at beginning a series of bi-weekly public sessions emphasizing better health through Reiki, awareness and through better breathing practice, all of which will be posted for the world to see right here, and on the website.

I hope to connect and communicate with a whole lot of new people…Leave a note and introduce yourself, and perhaps set up an appointment for aReiki session….

be well and brightest of blessings all…


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